4-1Lion Arts UK, was an idea formed in 2014 but birthed in 2021, and is soon to be registered as an official charity. 

We believe that all children are created to be naturally creative beings. 

We want to provide all children, regardless of background, race, or religion, with the highest quality arts education.  One that not only gives them the skills they need, but allows them the opportunity to explore and develop their creativity and understand their value.

Lion Arts is committed to developing the skills and talent of the next generation, so we see the UK producing the best, boldest and most fearless creatives that the world has ever seen.

Children who have learnt to tap into their innate creativity and have been released to be all they have born to be.


We want to run projects in partnership with churches, schools and local councils to deliver high quality arts education which not only equips children with the essential skills they need for the future, but empowers them to be confident creatives.

Our students will grow like hungry caterpillars, consuming the best teaching and information; they will develop the ferocity of a lion in their pursuit of beauty, then confidently emerge as butterflies, with the ability to fly to the highest heights in their creativity.